OURENSE: LA CIUDAD DEL ORO(43 minutos)Languages: Castellano
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AURIA, the gold city, was born on the left bank of the Miño, around the Burgas. It was first a mansion and then a Roman city, court of a Suevian king. OURENSE has today the largest population of the Galician interior (over 100.000 inhabitants) and has achieved the perfect conjunction between the weight of history and the vitality of the late 20th century.

The popular verse says: “Tres cosas hay en Ourense, que no las hay en España: El Santo Cristo, el Puente y la Burga hirviendo el agua”. On our journey, we can contemplate all the exceptional things that Ourense offers, the city of yesterday and today, the one that deserved the distinction ‘the Athens of Galicia’, the one that was and is the capital of the gold land.

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