Ophiusa was first a video producer and then also a publishing house. VIDEOTECA DE GALICIA collection is one of the most outstanding productions: “COMPOSTELA, CAPITAL DE OCCIDENTE”; “A CORUÑA... LUZ, PIEDRA, MAR, CRISTAL”, “LUGO, CIUDAD BIMILENARIA”, “OURENSE, LA CIUDAD DEL ORO”, “PONTEVEDRA, BOA VILA”, “EL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO EN GALICIA” and “EL CAMINO DE SANTIAGO EN ESPAÑA”. There are many other productions such as EL MONASTERIO DE SAMOS, EL MARQUÉS DE SARGADELOS and HISTORIA DA LINGUA.

The Ministry of Commerce and Tourism honoured two of these productions (COMPOSTELA and A CORUÑA) as ‘Videos of National Tourist Interest’.


We are pioneers in Galicia regarding the edition of video-books, mainly dedicated to education. We have video-books of Geography, Religion, Nature, Social Sciences and Literature.

A very important aspect of our work was the edition of videos dedicated to outstanding personalities from Galicia: O MARQUÉS DE SARGADELOS, O INMENSO DON RAMÓN (OTERO PEDRAYO), LUIS PIMENTEL, LUIS SEOANE, RAMÓN PIÑEIRO, ROSALÍA DE CASTRO, BLANCO AMOR, BOUZA-BREY...


Our collaborators are outstanding figures of Galician culture. Some of our videos were supervised and guaranteed by ANTÓN FRAGUAS (chronicler of Galicia), XAQUÍN LOURENZO, TRAPERO PARDO, FELIPE ARIAS, FELIPE SENÉN, etc.

OPHIUSA was also the promoter of TELEVISIÓN LUGO and carried out its organization for four years.