PATRIA POÉTICA(47 minutos)Languages: Gallego
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Professor Xesús Alonso Montero uses the term "alófonos" when he writes about these authors and finds many cases of allophony throughout the history. As far as Galicia is concerned and leaving aside the special case of medieval lyric in Galician-Portuguese, he mentions Leite de Vasconcelos, Rodríguez Marín, Gumersindo Laverde, Gonzalo Cantó and Joao Verde, as authors of many other literary exercises, and naturally the five patriots of Galician language we remember in this work: Carles Riba, Juán Pérez Creus, Anne Marie Morris, Gerald Denley and Federico García Lorca. With "Patria Poética" we try to approach these five authors and their work in Galician who wrote in Galician language, especially about love.

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